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Acupuncture Healing CT Testimonials


Hi Jody,

I realized I never updated you! I wanted to let you know that shortly after our few winter sessions, after trying for a year and a half, we conceived a baby in February, who is now due fairly soon, in November! I’m 33 weeks along, and so far, everything is going well.

Thank you so much for your contribution to our blessing.

Jennifer M.

Westport, CT


Hi Jody,

Below is my testimonial for your amazing work!! You really are tremendous :)

Also, I'm attaching a couple pictures of my son who most likely wouldn't be here without your help!

        I struggled to get pregnant with my first son and after many months of trying saw a fertility specialist in order to conceive. When my husband and I began trying for our second child and again found ourselves struggling, I decided to try acupuncture before going the fertility doctor and drugs route again. I saw Jody for the first time in October 2016 and she asked that I give her three months to get my body on track before actively trying to conceive. I saw her once a week for three months and lo and behold I successfully conceived my second son in January, exactly three months after I started seeing her !

        I obviously couldn't be happier with the results and I am so thankful for everything Jody did for me! Besides amazingly predicting the timeline it would take to boost my fertility, she is very friendly, patient and calming, I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend her to anyone looking for fertility help or really to any looking for a better alternative to western medicine, She is excellent at finding and treating the cause of an issue, not just treating the symptom! Thank you again for everything Jody !

Katrina G, Trumbull CT


Hi Jody,

I have been to countless healers and helpers, but I have to say that you are incredible! I see and feel a marked difference in my body...

I am so very grateful.

Sheila G. Westport


Jody Eisemann has made me a believer in acupuncture and Chinese medicine! Although skeptical about whether I could find relief, I consulted her because I was waking up three to four times at night to go the bathroom. My friend, who has the same issue, has been taking expensive medications for years, so I decided to give Ms. Eismann a try. OMG, it was like magic! As soon as I started taking the Chinese herbs she prescribed, my nightly bathroom visits decreased to once, an hour before I get up. I have only been taking the herbs one week, so I expect to be sleeping through the night from now on. The icing on the cake is that I a feeling calmer. So, set your skepticism aside and run to see Jodi for whatever is ailing you. She is a miracle worker!

Zulema S.

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ


        I started seeing Jody because I was having some heart issues and the "western" treatments sounded risky and came with terrible side effects.

Jody's treatments were effective immediately and the results were incredible.

       With the addition of some herbs she prescribed I was soon in the best health of my adult life. Now I only drop in every few months for a tune-up or when something new pops up, (ex. slept on the train, painful crick in the neck, call Jody).

       In addition to her near magical healing touch, she's a wise, funny, and caring person that I'm happy to say has become a friend.

       I can't recommend Jody highly enough for whatever ails you.

Ian T.

Norwalk, CT


Jody is a pleasure to work with. You actually look forward to going to her for treatments. She helped my menopause symptoms tremendously!

Lory P

Westport, CT

      Jody Eisemann is the best there is. I went to her with horrible pms. Within four months she had my symptoms barely noticeable. The mood swings, cramps and acne were under control.

      My husband pushes me to go if I need a maintenance appointment. Not only did she help me with my pjs but also with a chronic sacrum injury. I had lived with it for so long I didn't realize anything could be done for it-- it felt like she had injected Novocaine.

     She also does cupping. I came in one morning feeling like I was coming down with something-- she did cupping. I went home and was shot but the next day I have never felt better in my life. I am so thankful she exists without her acupuncture would not be accessible.


Hi Jody,

I have been to countless healers and helpers, but I have to say that you are incredible! I see and feel a marked difference in my body...

I am so very grateful.

Sheila G. Westport


       I first came to Jody Eisemann in April 2013. I was almost at my wits’ end. I'd already had both hips replaced in 2012 and now had problems with edema, extremely poor sleep (I would wake up at 3 am with night sweats and couldn't go back to sleep) so I never felt rested, I had constant ringing in my ears and couldn't concentrate at work. Sleeping pills didn't help at all plus I had to travel a lot for work and was basically exhausted.

        My energy was much lower after my hip replacements and I now had edema in my ankles. I had once been very active in sports and now I just trudged through my day just trying to get through it.

        Another acupuncturist treated me with both acupuncture and herbs but the herbs only helped a little with my anxiety. I was extremely frustrated with my health and general well being. I also went to a world renowed sleeping clinic and their treatments were not as effective as Jody’s combination of acupuncture and herbs.

        After working with Jody on almost a weekly basis for 9 months to a year, and taking different herbal formulas she suggested, I began to feel pretty good, I had energy, I slept much better, my anxiety was gone and after a year I joined a fitness club and began to work out again. I have a very demanding job, but now I can work the required long hours with much greater ease and can also concentrate on the projects I on as a consultant.

        I have also learned a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because Jody would often go out of her way to discuss my health concerns from a TCM perspective.

        I can’t thank Jody enough for what she has done for me and her fees are very reasonable compared to her peers so you can come on a regular basis. Now I only come in for acupuncture about once a month and I continue to take Chinese herbs on a daily basis and am enjoying my life again.

John R. Ridgefield, CT

Painful left arm/Seasonal Tune-up

"Also thank you for today's session, I'm feeling very good. I had a pretty amazing experience shortly after I left that I think you might be interested to hear about. I went to Whole Foods to buy some bell peppers for dinner and as I was picking one up from a shelf over my head one came tumbling down. I caught it in my left hand without even looking. I can hardly remember the last time my left arm was that fast and controlled, I don't think since before my accident 11 years ago. So thank you again very much, I'm really looking forward to our next session."

Ian T., Norwalk, CT


       Last March, my Meniere’s/vertigo started to affect my daily living. I would have weekly, sometime daily spells. I was scared and frightened. I went to specialist after specialist and just prescribed pharmaceuticals. The medications did not help, made the issue worse. I was over medicated and could not function normally.

        In October of 2014, was my first visit with Jody and she changed my life forever. With consistent weekly acupuncture treatments, stopping pharmaceuticals and using only herbs, my vertigo stopped. Now I follow a sodium free, gluten free, and dairy free diet and feel amazing.

        Jody’s knowledge of acupuncture, western and eastern medicine, herbs, caring, compassionate, genuine and her love of her patients is just truly amazing. I highly recommend Jody to everyone. She has provided me with an amazing opportunity to live with my issues in a non-drugged state of mind and enjoy life like it should be lived. Thank you Jody. I’m forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

Rose L. Wilton, CT

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

       Jody Eisemann is an excellent acupuncturist; she is extremely professional and great at what she does. She has treated me for over 5 years. I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) on July 2013 and Jody was one of the most supportive person in my life, she was able to lead me towards the right, natural and effective treatment.

       She helped me find better ways of taking control of my body and health, not only with acupuncture treatments, but also with my daily routine and herbs, which changed my life. Dealing with the symptoms of MS is not easy, and can be very unexpected, however treating with Jody gave me hope, she always focuses on the issue and manages to give me comfort while trying to cure it at the same time.

I would strongly recommend her treatments, as they will improve your health and open your mind to many alternative ways of achieving a better lifestyle.

Lilian M. Trumbull, CT

Neuropathy in Hands and Feet/Asthma:

        Jody Eisemann is the best practitioner of Acupuncture that I have ever used. She is a miracle worker in pain management and extremely knowledgeable about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

        She is currently treating me for a painful neuropathy in both my fingers & hands from 6 months of strong chemo for breast cancer. I am an artist and was discouraged by the pain and weakness in my hands (opening a box was was difficult). Thanks to Jody the pain is barely noticeable now.

       I highly recommend her to any one who is in need. She is also helping me manage multiple side effects from chemo and has helped me with asthma symptoms and to let go of medications related to asthma.

R.B., Fairfield, CT 

Breech Birth/Back Labor

        I wanted to thank you so much for the acupuncture treatment during my labor on December 27th (2013). We could not have had a better outcome and I believe it was because of your treatment.

        The day before I was in to see the midwife and told that the baby had turned to the wrong position - sunny side up. I was so upset because that happened with my first pregnancy and I had a very long, painful 32 hours of back labor.

        One of the midwives - Eliza - had suggested calling you to see if there was anything you could do to help. On the morning of the 27th I went into labor at home and could tell it was going to be the same painful back labor I endured the first time. I was distressed and called your office and was able to be seen right away.

        Immediately after you started the acupuncture I could feel the baby move and the back pain was easing up. We could tell the baby was in a better position. The contractions became longer and more productive and I had the baby 42 minutes after checking into the hospital!

We were able to have the natural birth that I wanted and I am so thankful for your help! My only complaint was that it happened so fast I didn't have time to get in the tub!

        I really wish this treatment had been recommended to me during my first pregnancy. I tell everyone I can about this success story and truly believe acupuncture in labor should be recommended to all women especially as an alternative to the usual recommended drugs. It is such a better solution for both mother and baby!Thank you again!!

Megan O'S. 

Chronic Headaches/Migraines:

        A couple years ago, I found myself bedridden for approximately 6 months with debilitating daily chronic headaches/vomiting migraines that appeared "out of the blue". I had completely lost the ability to live a pain-free functioning life. After suffering from numerous pharmaceutical side effects & severe anxiety and depression, I turned to acupuncture as my last hope to getting my life back and easing the pain.

       With consistent treatment, acupuncture has actually stopped the vomiting migraines & provided numerous additional benefits! I'm sincerely thankful for knowledgeable, compassionate, healers such as Jodi. Licensed and trustworthy, she has a solid understanding of both western & eastern medicine, utilizes sterile techniques, and offers a comfortable environment at an affordable price. I recommend her to everyone I know and will be forever grateful!

Angela N., Greenwich, CT 


       Por muchos años escuche de los beneficios de la acupuntura ,pero mi miedo a las agujas me hacia resistirme a este tratamiento. La necesidad cambio mi modo de pensar.Los cambios hormonales que dan insomnio ,calores y fatiga me hicieron optar por la medicina alternativa. A través de la observación de la lengua y la toma del pulso los profesionales te pueden valorar y ayudar a encontrar el alivio de muchas enfermedades. Este tipo de medicina cambio mi salud y además su costo es muy accesible.Gracias Jodi por su ayuda y profesionalismo.

Anna M., Norwalk, CT 

Severe Chronic Ear Pain

        In early 2011 I began to experience various uncomfortable symptoms including clogging in my left ear due to a misdiagnosed reoccurring root canal infection. I had an ear tube placed in my ear which was quickly removed as it made me feel worse and began to affect my hearing.

        I dealt with various specialists but I finally received compassionate and effective treatment under Jody Eisemann's care. Jody's acupuncture method coupled with herbs has cured me of the uncomfortable clogging sensation in my left ear, and is steadily helping me to restore my health. Today I followed up with a new ENT who was very pleased with the marked improvement in my ear from 4 months ago and we were also pleased to see my hearing test return to 100 percent normal results.

Alisa P., Norwalk, CT 

Sports Injuries/General Healthcare:

         Jody Eisemann is one of those rare finds that you want to selfishly keep all to yourself. She has cured any ailment I have challenged her with and has such power and knowledge in her field that surprised she's not the acupuncturist to the stars!

         I highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking treatment as long as she always has a spot open for me!

Debranne C., Weston, CT 

Chronic Rash of over 20 years duration:

        If miracles are possible then Jody Eisemann can provide them. I first saw Jody for a long-term, chronic health condition and was STUNNED when those conditions, deemed untreatable by mainstream doctors, were eradicated. Subsequent visits have confirmed my belief in the efficacy of Acupuncture as a powerful, ancient healing treatment and Jody's own expertise in this methodology. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jody to anyone looking for answers and healing for health problems.

Susan C. Cos Cob, CT

Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture:

I went to Jody for facial rejuvenation, and I loved it! I could see the results after only a few sessions. The great thing about going to Jody is that you get the rejuvenation, but you also get healing for your entire body and spirit. Jody is a committed and excellent practitioner with a very big heart.

Sue Benton, Stratford, CT 

Body Pain:

Jody Eisemann is a wonderful, gentle and knowledgeable acupuncturist. She has been giving me weekly treatments for four years and I always feel so much better after treatments. My overall pain from arthritis and osteoporosis is greatly reduced. Jody helps me more than any other medical provider!

Lily F. Milford, CT 

Edema/Gallbladder/Facial Rejuvenation

        I first came for acupuncture because my gallbladder was in spasm and I couldn't eat or hold food down for over 3 weeks. Jody helped relieve my nausea and pain.Once my gallbladder issues were resolved, I continued to come for acupuncture for edema and facial rejuvenation.

        My edema is immediately relieved after each session, sometimes when I arrive my shoes don't even fit and when I leave i feel like I am wearing flip flops.I have opted for facial rejuvenation instead of products like botox or juvaderm because there is no downside to facial acupuncture and I am very happy with the results.I love acupuncture as much as most people love a massage, it is relaxing and medicinal.

Kym K., Newtown, CT 

Low Energy/Depression (And tired teenage daughter)

        A few years ago I was not feeling well: my joints hurt, I was always tired and depressed with all sort of vague symptoms. I went to Jody not knowing what to expect, and almost immediately after the first treatment, I began to feel better. I quickly regained my energy, the aches and pains disappeared and menopause was easily managed.

       Jody has treated me for other illness on several occasions, as well as for injuries. I have recovered in record time compared to my experiences with other medical doctors.

       She has a wonderful supportive bedside manner and takes seriously anything that comes up, physical or emotional, during treatments. She is patient but firm in her manner reminding me that my anticipation of needles is much worse than the experience.

       Now my teenage daughter also goes for acupuncture. She used to catch every virus that was going around and was exhausted most of the time. Now she is much stronger and healthier, the fatigue and any monthly discomfort has also been greatly relieved.

Martha G. Norwalk, CT 


       Jody helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I had many issues that could not be resolved through conventional medical treatment. Jody’s skilled, professional approach offered me great comfort and put me back on the path I needed to follow. Her gentle touch and vast experience gave me confidence beyond my dreams. Through her treatment plans and my many visits we have moved beyond practitioner and patient to dear friends. Thank you Jody.

Chris L. Fairfield, CT 


       Jody's acupuncture gave me relief from killer headaches and kept me off of prescription and over-the-counter medications. She also helped me with low-energy issues that I thought I'd have to accept as an inevitable part of having a busy lifestyle.

      She's a skilled practitioner, and a great listener - she doesn't use a "one-size fits all" method - she really treats according to what is realistic and effective for each patient. That style of patient care allows her to present options and choose, with patient input, what will work in terms of treatments, herbs and suggestions for healthy lifestyles. I've recommended her to several people, each of whom has been very happy with her work.

Debi W. Hamden, CT 


      I have had acupuncture for many years and have worked with four different practitioners. Of all of them, Jody Eisemann has been my most effective acupuncturist. I have been treated by her for over ten years. She is professional, careful and keeps record of her patient’s progress.

      Every treatment starts with an interview whether you were there yesterday or two years ago. I recommend her as a top professional and a caring practitioner. I am committed to acupuncture because: it gives comfort, relieves stress and can treat pain.

Alberta C. Westport, CT 

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